Technical Services

Site Assistance

Why Choose our Services?

The performance of Reliance Barker Davies mine rope attachments is dependent on the correct installation procedures being followed. Owing to the criticality of mine rope attachments, it is essential that they are installed by qualified, experienced and competent personnel.

Value Added

Mine shafts are some of the most safety-critical environments on earth. Attention to detail is paramount. RBD’s extensive experience supplying rope attachments to a wide variety of mines makes us a partner that you can rely on.
We are interested in supporting you from the initial design all the way through the product’s life. RBD engineers are available for site assistance and installation supervision. Our site personnel are experienced in roping-up, shaft sinking, and general mine construction.

Quality Assurance

Reliance Barker Davies personnel are highly experienced in the proper installation of our products. As such, we offer qualified personnel to assist with the installation of our products.

On-Site Socketing

The performance of an open spelter socket termination is largely dependent on the implementation of the correct capping procedures and the correct application of cold socketing compound (resin). Incorrect socket capping can result in an unsafe termination which may fail below the intended designed limits.

We offer personnel who are qualified, certified, and competent in socketing.