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The Reliance Rope Attachment Company Ltd was incorporated in Cardiff, Wales in January 1920. The company developed and patented the interlocking wedge type cappel. In this they were given considerable assistance by Latch & Batchelor Ltd of Hay Mills, Birmingham: the inventors and patentees of the locked coil and flattened strand ropes.

From the 1950’s the Reliance name became known around the world following a series of export drives to supply suspension equipment to mines in France, Sweden, Finland, Portugal, Ghana, South Africa, Zambia, India, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Peru and the USA.

Originally wedge cappel components were cast and the cappel limbs forged into their U shape. Wedge Type Glands too were cast.

In 1987 Reliance Barker Davies Ltd was formed by the merger of the Reliance Rope Attachment Company Ltd with Barker-Davies Ltd, a well known attachment maker, and John R George Ltd engineers. From that point on, components were precision machined with CNC machines as they are manufactured today.

In 1990 Reliance Barker Davies Inc started an attachment Inspection and Re-certification Service in Sudbury, Ontario for the repair and overhaul of attachments. In 2015 all manufacturing was moved to Sudbury, Ontario.