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Hoist Rope Attachments

Wedge Cappels

A cappel is an attachment which is fitted to the end of a rope and forms the connecting unit between rope and conveyance.

The wedge cappel was the original product of the Reliance Rope Attachment Company. Today, wedge cappels continue to serve as a reliable rope termination option which is still preferred by many mining industry professionals.

Compactness, simplicity of attachment, dependability and safety are features of the wedge type rope cappel for service with all types of stranded and locked coil hoist ropes. It is recognised as more efficient than other forms of attachment because it exerts its grip upon the rope itself in its entirety and not on a mass of disunited wires. No bending stresses are set up, as the rope is maintained in its true vertical plane.

The action of the interlocking wedges affords a holding power greater than the strength of the rope. It has withstood full speed collision between conveyances, and overwinds without sign of failure. Cappels of this type are used in all types of hoisting systems. When fitted in multi rope friction hoists their compact design permits close rope centres.