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Reliance-Worral Catchgear

The Reliance-Worral catchgear design comprises of toothed racks and corresponding pawl boxes. When the conveyance ascends beyond its normal operating elevations the toothed racks will enter their corresponding pawl boxes.

Each pair of rollers in the pawl box are spaced 1.5 tooth pitches apart thus reducing the maximum conveyance fall back to half a tooth pitch. This reduces shock-loading on the shaft steel and conveyance. Shock absorbers (not shown) are incorporated into the system to reduce impact.


  • Suitable for smaller conveyances only. Each pawl box has a capacity of 7,620 kg. Two pawl boxes would therefore support a loaded conveyance of 15,240 kg.
  • Very low fall back averaging 12.7 mm. This reduces the impact loading.
  • Pawl boxes may be mounted on the conveyance or headframe.
  • May be fitted with a remotely operated release mechanism to speed up the recovery of a conveyance. Designed for low maintenance.