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Balance Rope Attachments

Flat Balance Rope Attachments

Reliance Barker Davies offers several products for the termination of flat balance ropes. We can accommodate a wide range of flat balance rope sizes and working load limits.

A typical flat balance rope arrangement consists of a robust thimble tailored to the specific rope size. The thimble is accompanied with several 4-bolt clamps to complete the termination. Each flat balance rope thimble is typically connected to the conveyance drawbar via one or more 90° chaseblocks.

On occasion, a lockable swivel is incorporated above each flat balance rope thimble to allow for easier manipulation of the balance rope in the event of an inadvertently inverted rope. The swivel is locked during the normal operation of the conveyance.

All flat balance rope attachments are typically rated for a 10:1 static factor of safety. All assembled components are proof-load tested to 2.5 x the working load limit (WLL).