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Guide Rope Attachments

Cheeseweight Tensioning Systems

Reliance Barker Davies has several possible cheeseweight assembly designs. These include both single-rod and cage-type assemblies.

Our cheeseweight assemblies are often custom designed to accommodate each unique application. Cheeseweight tensioning systems can only be installed in mine shafts that have the required amount of space at shaft bottom to accommodate their large size. Additionally, cheeseweight tensioning arrangements must be compatible with the shaft steel design.

The main benefit of implementing a cheeseweight tensioning system is that rope tension remains constant and never needs to be adjusted.

In order to save on critical-path shaft time, we recommend pre-hanging (“banking”) the cheeseweight assemblies before roping-up. The triangular link at the top of each cheeseweight assemblies allows for an easy transfer from the banking arrangement to the guiderope attachments.