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Barker-Davies Catchgear

The Barker-Davies catchgear design can be suited to any size conveyance. The design is particularly robust with features designed to reduce maintenance.

The Barker-Davies catchgear design is comprised of several pawls which are mounted on pivot pins within a robust structure. Top and bottom plates are fitted to allow the column to be integrated into various headframe arrangements.

As a conveyance approaches the catchgear, it strikes the pawls which then pivot and allow the conveyance to pass upwards. As the conveyance passes, the pawls are forced back into operating position which catches the conveyance when it descends. Shock absorbers (not shown) are incorporated into the system to reduce impact.


  • Suitable for all sizes of conveyances.
  • Fall back is higher than the Reliance-Worrall. It varies depending upon the capacity. An average would be 60 mm.
  • To achieve this fall back distance, a rack is required and this is usually mounted on the conveyance.
  • May also be fitted with a release mechanism.
  • The pawls are positively returned to the operating position by the movement of the conveyance.