We can assist with the design of:

  • Suspension equipment for all types of mine conveyances used in drum winding or multi -rope friction installations.
  • Balance rope suspension equipment.
  • Guide rope arrangements and all components for the suspension of guide ropes, and guide rope tensioning by by deadweight loading or springs.
  • All types of rope fittings for aerial ropeways.
  • Attachments for rope haulage systems.
  • Equipment for the manoeuvring, anchoring, suspension or tensioning of wire ropes used under heavy tensions in indutry or civil engineering projects. For example masts stays, bridges, the offshore industry etc.

Technical Publications

Detailed instructions for the assembly and maintenance of our attachments are availble.

Supervision of Installation on Site

Our engineers are available if required to supervise the installation of our mine hoist equipment, guide rope assemblies, or other fittings anywhere in the world.

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All stock material is initially subject to ultrasonic testing in order that any imperfections may be avoided when profile cutting prior to manufacturing. Heat treatment of components is carefully controlled and fully recorded for future reference. All components of hosit and balance rope equipment are subjected to hardness tests to prove the effectiveness of the heat treatment and also magnetic particle inspection to recognised standards.

If required ultrasonic tests can be carried out on finished components.

All types of non-destructive testing are used in the manufacture of our products including ultrasonic and crack dection techniques.

Wire Rope Attachments for Mining & General Engineering purposes


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In the United Kingdom:

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