The Barker-Davies design is suited to any size of conveyance as the pawls may be increased in size to cater for the higher loads.

The design is particularly robust with features designed to reduce maintenance.

The Barker-Davies catchgear comprises a number of pawls mounted on pivot pins which are housed between two channel sections.  The pawls are supported by a heavy front plate which in turn is attached to the side channels to form a rigid box like structure.  Top and bottom plates are fitted to allow the column to be fitted to the headframe structure.

As the conveyance passes, it strikes the pawls which then pivots backwards to allow the cage to ascend.  As the cage passes, the pawl is forced back into its operating position ready to catch the cage when it descends.

barkerdaviescatchgear1 barkerdaviescatchgear3

Wire Rope Attachments for Mining & General Engineering purposes


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