relianceccmtensioningunits1This arrangement consists of a CCM headframe unit and a sump anchorage gland.  Basically the guide rope is secured at a fixed point in the shaft bottom with a wedge type gland and at the headframe the rope is secured in a wedge type gland which can be raised or lowered within a frame to alter the rope tension.

The CCM headframe unit comprises a wedge type gland mounted within four vertical columns. The columns act as a frame as they are fastened together at the top and bottom. The gland is connected to the columns by means of two connecting pins. There is a series of holes in both the gland and columns that allow the gland to be raised or lowered. As the guide rope is fixed in position in the sump this then effectively alters the guide rope tension.

The headframe gland is raised and lowered by means of an hydraulic system. A specially calibrated pressure gauge is fitted to the circuit so that the rope tension can be measured.

The CCM headframe unit can be modified to suit individual shaft conditions. For example it can be shot-peened and zinc coated for additional corrosion protection and to provide more flexibility to the suspension system it is can be mounted on a rotating base plate.

The sump gland is a standard NU type. Again it uses a wedge type gland to secure the rope.

A further wedge type gland is utilised in the sump during the installation process. This gland is a UF72 and is used to pre-tension the rope.


Optional Load Monitoring Pins

The two pins connecting the wedge gland to the headframe tension unit are fitted with strain gauges. In this way rope tensions can be monitored without inserting the hydraulic cylinders.

These stainless steel pins have an output of 4-20mA at the rated load. Each pin is supplied with a plug and socket for connection to your monitoring device.

Wire Rope Attachments for Mining & General Engineering purposes


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